In May: An Interview with Joel Peckham

The year’s docket is almost filled. Fiction and non-fiction, a best seller and a Pulitzer winner. Crime fiction and literary. Comedy and tragedy. As far as I know, the only thing the authors have in common is that I want to talk to them and they have agreed to talk with me.

The first interview is being conducted now. I’ve decided to divide it into three parts: The Approach; The Writing; and The Release.

In corresponding with Joel Peckham — author of Resisting Elegy: On Grief and Recovery — I came to appreciate that a discussion of his non-fiction book of essays about the death of his wife and oldest son needed to begin before the writing itself. There was a period of time before he wrote about that accident that needed discussion. The writing itself then involved choices that were often painful and required honesty and — in my view — courage. That seemed a different matter worthy of its own discussion. And then there was the release. In releasing that work to the world relationships were challenged or even destroyed; memories and decisions became public; and stories about the past became reified when put into print. That deserved attention as well.

In May I will share with you Part I: The Approach. An Interview with Joel Peckham.  Resisting Elegy: On Grief and Recovery is available now. Read it first.


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