Next: An Interview with Thomas Enger

Thomas Enger is an international bestselling novelist. He is known for his crime fiction and — in his native Norway — for his young adult novel Den Onde Arven (published in Norwegian by Gyldendal Forlag, August 2013) for which he won the Uprisen prize, awarded for the best young adult novel in Norway as voted by the young readers themselves.

Thomas has been a journalist, a sports writer, a footballer, and a soldier. He is now a writer, composer, father and husband, with those earlier identities seemingly absorbed rather than abandoned. 

Thomas and I met at the bar of the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel at Crimefest, 2012. We found plenty to discuss. Aside from our common present as writers living in Oslo, it turned out had we a significant commonality in our pasts as well — we had both written for 15 years before publishing a word of fiction.

Over a beer talked about writing, being writers, being fathers, living in Norway, and relationship between dramatic force in music and novel writing. 

Since Bristol we’ve met several times socially. The conversations we had impressed on me how much I’d like to interview him at The Interview Spot.

I asked and he agreed.

Our interview is being carried out in writing via email. As always, I ask the interviewees to read the final version and change what they like. 

Please join me here at the Interview Spot for my next conversation, this time with Thomas Enger. 

Derek B. Miller