Welcome to The Interview Spot

Welcome to The Interview Spot.

One of the great benefits to being a published novelist is the access it provides me to other writers. I have had the opportunity, in recent years, to reach out to people whose writing I’ve enjoyed or has made a strong impression on me. The conversations have been fascinating.

I have found that other writers are happy to speak with me as a colleague, which places the conversations on a different footing as compared to speaking with industry professionals, journalists, or even devoted fans. It is the uniqueness of this access and the kinds of conversations I now have that has led me to create The Interview Spot. It  is where I, a writer, interview writers.

What kinds of writers?

I’m a novelist so we will talk to novelists. But writing takes many forms and drama can be experienced through many kinds of written performances: poetry, songwriting, playwriting, or screenwriting to name a few. So we will talk to people who write in different forms. It takes place in many genres: science fiction, mystery, literary, or romantic. So we will speak to people writing in, outside, across, or in spite of, genres. There are also forms of dramatic written expression that are culturally specific, foreign, and sometimes inaccessible but otherwise very interesting. Perhaps some conversations might create a bridge to something exciting where we wouldn’t otherwise think to look.

So will it be boundless? No. My criteria will be to interview people whose work has influenced or affected my own (assuming they are alive enough to interview). The anchor, as it were, is me.

Consequently, the interview selections will be unapologetically subjective. The questions will be mine. The purpose of the interviews will be to stimulate and share ideas, thoughts, experiences and understandings that might not have come into the public domain otherwise. I think there is tremendous value in listening to informed and patient discussion. I hope you will find some of that value here.

You will find nothing more or less than a single writer’s interest in discussing material with other writers. I hope you enjoy what you find.

Warm regards,

Derek B. Miller

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Interview Spot”

  1. Wow! great idea Derek. I was wondering if we as readers could also suggest some writers and may be you could something like a poll and interview her/him ?

    1. Anita: Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, the time isn’t right for it. There are some fascinating conversations I’ve had in the past year and I want to first take the opportunity to turn those into public interviews. Given the time involved to do some justice to each conversation, I do not expect to publish more than one a month. The docket for 2014 is now full. Likewise, I’m keen to stimulate some “cross talk” between or among writers here. People who might never have otherwise met one another. In this sense, The Interview Spot serves as an unlikely nexus for interesting writers to interact. I will keep the idea in mind, though, because The Interview Spot will surely evolve and — hopefully — mature over time. And that is certainly a good idea worth returning to. Thanks.

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